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Cilla Vee Life Arts – with Cilla Vee, Grayson Morris, Blair Bogin, Pedro Jimenez, Kio Griffith, Carole Kim, G.E. Stinson, Joseph Hammer, Miller Wrenn (replacing Steuart Liebig)

Submersion – an immersive, multi-media environment of sound, image and motion

Friday October 19th -  8pm – 11pm

Coaxial Arts Foundation
1815 S Main St, Los Angeles, CA 90016


Cilla Vee Life Arts presents:

Immersion. Hiding. Beneath the surface. Completely absorbed by / involved in.
Differential Topology.  Differentiable Manifolds. Soft Question.

An immersive, multi-media environment of sound, image and motion.
The everyday world melts away as though wandering deep into a forest or ocean.
Everything changes.
Time. Space. Temperature.
The psyche surrenders.
SUBMERSION is a durational performance installation during which the audience is free to come and go throughout.

Cilla Vee Life Arts

CILLA VEE LIFE ARTS is an inter-disciplinary arts organization founded in 2002 in the South Bronx by Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) – now based in Asheville NC.
It serves as an umbrella for multiple projects that focus on collaboration and facilitation. With a mission of blurring boundaries and crossing categories, CVLA draws from a diverse pool of artists with a wide range of artistic backgrounds.
Performances can include anything from dance, movement, music, sound, text, film and video, visual and performance art to installation and beyond.

“When it's summer in the city, people do weird things. Performers especially. ....“Beguiling”
John Rockwell – New York Times

Cilla Vee Life Arts -

This Fall Cilla Vee is touring cross country and the west coast in order to connect and collaborate with area artists in each location.


Grayson Morris -
Blair Bogin -
Kio Griffith -
Carole Kim -
Miller Wrenn -

Cilla Vee  (movement)

Claire Elizabeth Barratt (aka Cilla Vee) is an inter-disciplinary artist with a performing arts background. She is the director of Cilla Vee Life Arts  – an arts organization with a focus on cross-media collaboration.
Her work utilizes artistic disciplines of dance, music, text, media, visual and installation art.
Claire has presented her work in venues as diverse as Jacob’s Pillow , the New York
Botanical Gardens , Black Mountain College Museum + Art Center  and Art Basel Miami. She has performed and taught throughout the USA, Canada, Europe, Japan and Pakistan.
Claire received her professional training in London at The Laban Centre For Movement and Dance  and at the London Studio Centre For Performing Arts . Her pre-professional training includes the Royal Academy of Dance  and the Royal Schools of Music  examinations. She also served an apprenticeship with the Isadora Duncan Dance Foundation  in New York and holds an MFA in Creative Practice  from the Transart Institute  with Plymouth University, UK.
On moving to the USA in 1992, Claire held the positions of Dancer for Unto These Hills  drama on the Cherokee Indian Reservation and for Asheville Contemporary Dance Theater  in North Carolina, as well as serving as a Co-Founder and Director for Circle Modern Dance  and as Choreographer for the Knoxville Opera Company  in Tennessee.
Once based in New York in 2002, Claire founded Cilla Vee Life Arts  and, with the support of arts advocates such as Chashama , Bronx Council on the Arts  and Arts for Art , began to develop and present her signature modes of work – including Motion Sculpture Movement Installations  and The Sound Of Movement  projects.
She is the creator of the Living Art pedagogy for performance art.
Claire now uses Asheville NC as her home-base.

“My work as an artist blurs boundaries and crosses categories. Re-defining the traditional concepts of a “piece” and challenging the conventions of performance, time, space and audience relationships.”

Grayson Morris (movement)

Grayson Morris is a multi-disciplinary performer from Asheville, NC, currently based in Los Angeles . She has appeared on Gotham Comedy Live and toured nationally with her solo show Am I a Grownup Yet? She runs a biannual immersive performance art series in Asheville called emersion, which is currently in its third year. She performs regularly in LA where she moved to study theatrical clowning.

Blair Bogin (movement)

BLAIR BOGIN is an interdisciplinary artist. She earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Amidst her art practice, she is a counseling Astrologer (Sisterbride) and Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

Pedro Jimenez (movement)

Kio Griffith (projection)

Kio Griffith is a Los Angeles and Japan based visual and sound artist, independent curator, writer, and producer. His work includes drawing, painting, sound, video, performance, electronics, language, sculpture and installation.
He has exhibited in the UK, Japan, Germany, Croatia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Turkey, Belgium and the U.S.
His current projects include founder / project director at TYPE (Tokyo+Yokohama Projects Exchange), co-founder of Transit Republic, IMMI, and Genzou, independent curator, contributing editor at Fabrik, Artscape and Art Bridge magazines, former art director at Angel City Jazz Festival and has designed over 300 music album packaging.
Griffith was recently invited to exhibit in the 2016 Aichi Trienniale and currently on research for a public project for the Setouchi Triennale.

Carole Kim (projection)

Carole Kim is a media artist with a focus on video projection environments for multi-media installation, performance and photography. She has a very hands-on, tactile approach to the materials she works with, pushing the moving image to take on optical, spatial and dimensional form. She is interested in the integration of disciplines where all media are on a level playing field working in tandem towards creating the entirety of an experience.
Her work has been supported by the Irvine Foundation, National Endowment for the Arts, Center for Cultural Innovation, MAP fund, City of Los Angeles, Pasadena Arts Council, The Music Center, Durfee Foundation, REDCAT, University of California Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), The Getty Center, Society for the Activation of Social Space through Art and Sound (SASSAS) ,Dublab, Newtown,, CalArts, and The Center for Experiments in Art, Information, and Technology. She was selected as a recipient of a 2013 COLA Fellowship, 2014 CCI
Investing in Artists Grant, 2015 Metabolic Studio Chora Council Grant and a 2015 CHIME Grant. She is currently an artist-in-residence at Descanso Gardens working on a year-long project that will culminate in a solo exhibition and site-specific performances.

GE Stinson (sound)

G.E. Stinson's exploration of American folk music forms began as a child immersed in the gospel music of his family in Oklahoma. He continued in Chicago, studying/playing blues with Cash McCall, Hound Dog Taylor, Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, among others.
Stinson eventually received a composition scholarship with William Russo at Columbia College. In 1972, he co-founded the seminal fusion/world music group, Shadowfax. During his tenure with this group, he performed and composed on seven recordings, toured extensively in the U.S., Europe, South America and Japan including performances at Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Academy of Music, and Wolftrap. In 1988, Stinson along with the other members of Shadowfax were honored with a Grammy Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and the following year began a collaboration with Momix Dance Theater which culminated in a national tour.
1990 brought the formation of the G.E. Stinson Group in Los Angeles and the subsequent completion of a recording entitled "The Same Without You" in 1993. This was to be the first of many collaborations that would lead to Stinson becoming a prominent member of the Los Angeles New Music community. Among these projects are the Wayne Peet Trio recording "Fully Engulfed"; Adam Rudolph's opera "The Dreamer"; "Right of Violet" featuring Alex Cline and Jeff Gauthier; Unique Cheerful Events (an improvising collective); guitar duets with Nels Cline and A Thousand Other Names, a Stinson led group which completed a self titled recording in 1996 on Birdcage records. Stinson continues to compose for dance and has contributed to numerous motion picture soundtracks including Sunset Strip directed by Hans Fjellestad.

Joseph Hammer (sound)

Since 1980, Joseph Hammer has played analog synthesizers and samplers and manipulated tape loops in the bands Dinosaurs With Horns (formed in 1982), Steaming Coils and Debt of Nature -- all groups with Rick Potts -- as well as with Points Of Friction, Blue Daisies and more. Hammer has collaborated with eclectic songster Eugene Chadbourne and one of Japan's premiere sound experimenters, Otomo Yoshihide. Hammer's unconvential 'homegrown' approach utilizes audio CD sources abstracted by hand with vintage magnetic tape gear; a live "phonomontage." He cites as his primary musical influences: receiving more than one AM radio station at a time, and a specific episode of the '70s T.V. show Land of the Giants during which astronauts thwart alien tyrants by using tape loops.

In the field of found sound, Joseph Hammer is the master of survey and delay; With looped tape and a gloved hand, he taps a magnetic vein, coaxing fragments of occluded origin into a sonic sui generis.

Steuart Liebig (sound)

When prompted to talk about himself in the third person, electric bassist/composer Steuart Liebig will tell you that he has been playing and writing music for a long time.  It’s probably more interesting to see what other people have said about him:

“To say only that he plays bass would be misleading. As an improviser, he commands a shocking array of effects. As a composer, he can create rigorous but liberating frameworks for wide-open jazz on one hand and harmonica honk on the other. And mainly, he hears everybody else, assimilates it all and kicks it to another level.”

“A major concern of Steuart Liebig’s is space; acknowledging it, defining it, dividing it up. If anyone can be funky without necessarily grooving, it’s bassist Liebig, a master of the unexpected cosmic event.”

“Liebig is equally at home charting lunar terrain as he is in the pocket.”

“. . . nonpareil rethinker of electric bass . . . “

“Steuart Liebig’s bass isn’t a bass, it’s a giant alien creature in the heaving throes of partition.”

One of his recent focuses has been attempting to develop different techniques and timbral resources that are outside the normal practice of his instrument. 

Miller Wrenn is replacing Stuart Leibig.

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